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Our company purpose machine-made carpets in the production become the market leader, customer satisfaction, ensuring that capital to high-value gain, people want to work to be an institution, nature, sensitive to our country and our nation's economic and social prosperity for all to be better.


Emphasis on quality, consumers choose the first carpet manufacturer in the machine reliable and meets the expectations of consumers in a position to produce original and value-added products.


İPEKSEL CARPET management, has adopted the principle keeping quality at the forefront. Quality systems have been created in this direction, with respect to quality aimed at full participation of everyone. Meet the expectations of customers, domestic and international competitive environment by increasing production quality is our principle to our existing customers to add new ones.

Investigate the causes of the problems, finding solutions is the duty of all employees. For this, the concept of continuous improvement and development, company management has adopted and implemented has been transformed. Our company's goal is not only to improve production quality, and protect nature for future generations a cleaner, more livable environment is to leave.

İPEKSEL CARPET Management, Total Quality understanding and sincerely believed that understanding to all employees in an advanced stage and dissemination practices adopted as a target.

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